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        Welcome to Hubei Danjiangkou Kaitai Hormone Co., Ltd.!

        Technological Development

        R & D Center

        Current Location: Home - R & D - R & D Center

        We establish R & D Center with the development of our business. From Hubei Northwest Steroid Hormone R & D Center at the beginning of business to Hubei Province Steroid Hormone Intermediates Engineering Research Center, Hubei Steroid Hormone Enterprise Technology Research Center, we keep the leading position in this trade of China in terms of establishment of research and development platform, R & D personnel and R & D capabilities. Our company has performed research cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Engineering University(all of them are powerful in the research of Steroid hormone ), carried out the activities of co-construction of R & D Center and has built two green synthesis laboratories, analysis room and pilot plant with the advanced level; these facilities are equipped with high-performed liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, ultraviolet, infrared spectroscopy and other high-end testing equipment. In 2009, our technology R & D Center was assessed by the Provincial Science and Technology Bureau as "provincial leading enterprise technology R & D Center"; taking this center as a technical support, our company was named as the national high-tech enterprise of China. In 2012, the "new production technology of Diosgenin Steroid hormone" project jointly developed by our company and Wuhan University of Engineering was awarded the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Hubei province. In 2013, our technology R & D Center was assessed by Hubei Province Science and Technology Bureau as "Hubei Province Engineering Research Center for Steroid hormone intermediates", and we got the SME Innovation Award of Hubei Province again. At the same time, the "Steroid hormone intermediates key technology integration and transformation" project of our company became the major science and technology project supported by Hubei Province.

        As an innovative pilot enterprises in Hubei Province, we always adhere to the development strategy of "science and technology-led, innovation-driven", and commit to the research of chemical modification technology and green technology of Steroid hormone. We keep increasing the investments in scientific and technological research, and invest 5-6% annual sales revenue as the costs of R & D, technological innovation and development of new products, and the construction of research and development platform. Up to now, our technology R & D Center has been identified as " Hubei Province Enterprise Technology Research Center for Steroid hormone", "Hubei Engineering Research Center for Steroid hormone intermediates" and "post-doctoral research station,"; all these high-level scientific research platforms have passed the assessments of governments. Under the supports of these development platforms, we have attracted domestic first-class R & D talents for Steroid hormone to join our company, and become an important driving force for a new round of scientific development of our company.

        • Enterprise Technology Center of Hubei Province
        • R & D center of chemical modification technology of medicinal plant hormone
        • Hubei Province steroid hormone intermediate engineering technology research center
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