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        Welcome to Hubei Danjiangkou Kaitai Hormone Co., Ltd.!

        About Kaitai

        Chairman Speech

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        Enterprises develop for the people and exist for the people, for the realization of the interest of the investors, employees and the general public, which is the economic value and social value pursued by enterprises under the socialist economy system. These two values are just what the ultimate value of enterprise-- a commercial organization, lies, and to develop the enterprise is just for the maximum of these two values. Running a business should not be a way for a few people to earn great amount of money, but a public undertaking. Always bearing this in mind, we, as a private enterprise, have kept to the operation philosophy of " Keep improving the living conditions of employees, create another great achievement to reward the country and the whole society". At the same time, we warmly welcome talented people to join us in our hormone development!

        Surviving the fierce market competition is the precondition for an enterprise to serve the people. To do this, an enterprise should keep increasing its profit-earning ability and competitiveness, which can be realized only by conducting very detailed market survey and by absorbing high-caliber professionals who are very specialized in marketing. Our company has been engaged in the field of hormone intermediates and APIs for more than 30 years, and our diolefine and W-oxide have become top products among similar products in China. If you are a dedicated person who hopes to do something great in the hormone industry, then join us! We are ready to work together with you for a bright tomorrow!

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        Add: North of Yaogou Rd., Danjiangkou city, Hubei prov., China.                  Legal representative: Wen Kaixue +86-13707282079              HR: +86-719-5201275
        Sales dept.: +86-719-5201786 Ms. Song +86-15172436981    Equipment procurement: Mr. Wen +86-13477318965            E-mail: sales@kaitaimone.com \ ktjs@kaitaimone.com

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