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        Welcome to Hubei Danjiangkou Kaitai Hormone Co., Ltd.!

        Business Culture

        Corporate Philosophy

        Current Location: Home - Culture - Corporate Philosophy

        Our philosophy

        Value view: credit, equality and respect.

        Talent view: every people can all become the talent.

        Development: only if development can get the future.

        Quality consciousness: quality is our life.

        Quality aim: top quality and perpetual pursuit.

        Sales view: sales can rely on all.

        Safety view: safety is our life line.

        Scientific technology view: introduction, absorption, digestion and independent innovation.

        Employees' motto

        You can not control others, but can master yourself.

        You can not predict tomorrow, but can master today.

        You can not succeed for every thing, but can make them smooth.

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        Add: North of Yaogou Rd., Danjiangkou city, Hubei prov., China.                  Legal representative: Wen Kaixue +86-13707282079              HR: +86-719-5201275
        Sales dept.: +86-719-5201786 Ms. Song +86-15172436981    Equipment procurement: Mr. Wen +86-13477318965            E-mail: sales@kaitaimone.com \ ktjs@kaitaimone.com

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